JapaButai is a website about the theatrical adaptations of mangas, animes and video games. It will provide news about the stage plays and musicals because it's really hard to find informations about the various projects, and it's more difficult to find them in English. There is too a database about plays and actors. These parts are still under construction but it's not empty at all. Finally, it's possible to have a personal account to comment and like your favorite plays and/or actors. 

I started with a Facebook page in 2014. This website is the new step. It will be a better way to gather informations. The site is simple to use and quick to browse.

I'm passionated about this world since 2007 and I would like to share all the news I can collect as possible! I'll do my best, but I can work on it just during my free time. Please, be indulgent. 

Everyone, have fun ~~